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Friday, August 31st, 2001
4:05 pm
Tuesday, July 25th, 2000
11:28 pm
Haven't said much in a while ;p... been busy. Ebay is too much fun =) Heheh... I won a watch there it's pretty nice the skh060 you can find it on the seiko webpage! www.seikousa.com and tell me how cool it is ;p classes suck here.... I need to work harder! Oh well I'm going to head off to bed.
Wednesday, July 5th, 2000
7:35 pm
Random Update
Hmm fourth of july was boring. Nothing much is going on. Working on stuff for my biz, for work, and doing school work. Life is uneventful. Lots of cute prefreshman. =)
Saturday, July 1st, 2000
1:22 am
Update on Me
Thursday... went shopping got a fan... almost killed myself doing an arobatic stunt to get the fan down... I don't think I spelled that right... oh well... Friday that was yesterday... I didn't do much either. Worked a lot met some new people at work. Was delegated more authority. I can buy stuff from the campus store and charge it to work now... ;p Can't believe they trust me with that ! I'm gonna go watch a movie today... after I go to sleep and wake up =) Should be exciting I want to see patriot or maybe Rocky and Bullwinkle Roadtrip or whatever it's called... okay back to downloading music on napster.
Wednesday, June 28th, 2000
12:32 am
Today... Well Yesterday.
I had my first physics lab. Got to work with an asian gurl as my lab partner she seemed pretty nice ;p I did some stuff at work. My programs I wanted to get came in to work. Now I need to request for some books to learn how to use the programs. I'm developing my domain selling business right now. Should be interesting... Yesterday I signed up for small boat sailing again that should be fun especially in the summer! =) Oh well I better part and get to bed soon.
Monday, June 26th, 2000
8:17 pm
Monday Blues
Today I had an exam in math... I don't think I did too well unfortunately. But I don't know yet. I also signed up for sailing for the summer it should be fun! =) Atleast that's good. My physics class is okay the classrom is really hot and it doesn't have enough oxygen ;p So uhh I started to doze somewhat. Today at work we decided to make a cluster of a quad of ppro200's so that's gonna be my project for a week or so. Nothing else really occurred today. I miss some people.... but that's just normal nostalgia
Saturday, June 24th, 2000
9:51 pm
Today I woke up went to the mall and watched gladiator again. Then I came back and played tennis with me friend. Those lasted from 3 to 9. Talk about waste of time =) Now I'm about to eat then I gotta study some for math! Oh well hope everyone else is having as much fun as me =)
Friday, June 23rd, 2000
12:31 pm
This Morning
Today wasn't the greatest morning... woke up late... long meeting... okay... going to play video games to wake up... =)
4:45 am
I can't sleep
The most frustrating thing in the world is wanting to sleep but not being able to! GRRR!
Thursday, June 22nd, 2000
10:32 pm
High Level Mathematics
Math 293 Sucks.... High Level Mathematics frightens me, and I don't know how to do this assignment. Is it really necessary for us to learn all this math. I guess it is but some engineer's don't really need to know them.... right? I mean do I need to know how to find the volume of a curved surface? I hope not.. maybe I will... atleast I'm thankful for having calculators and CAS (Computer Algebra Systems (I think)) to solve hard integrations and stuff with =) Oh well... time to go back to my homework which I DON'T know how to do... =) My roomies are madly running around cleaning up it's kinda funny =)
10:11 pm
Lin's Parents
I got to meet Lin's parents. They are quite cheerful folks! I got a new "Black Leather Manager's" Chair it is soo comfortable. Well gotta do my Math HW =)
6:43 pm
Err... We are bored to death... I forgot to use quotation marks..... okay I guess that was a gay entry.. ;p
6:42 pm
Screw Up
We <-- Whoops I screwed up... but I can't delete entries... strange oh well =)
5:13 pm
Lin's Here
My other roommate Lin got here... wooo... I call her mu mu. Yay...
4:39 pm
Work Today
Just to fill up my Journal for now... I've done some groundbreaking work at work. I must be one of a dozen people that got Linux to work on a stupid IBM T20 Laptop. Isn't that amazing? Yeah... that's what I thought.
4:37 pm
Bored at Work
I'm bored at work what else is new? =)
4:35 pm
1st Entry
I hope this thing works ;p
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